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How to Become or Stay Healthy, Look at Least 10 Years Younger, Stay Slim and Have Boundless Energy, Vitality and Strength FOR LIFE! New Edition Coming Soon!

What are the great myths of staying healthy?

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This book reveals the myths that have ruled everyone’s life for centuries as valid truths. Moreover no one dared to dispute these myths as being totally false. Today, these myths are being disproved and destroyed.

After many years of studying some of the world’s most respected and renowned doctors and scientists, and from what I’ve applied in the healing of my own patients …

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Dr. Miriam Thomas Keele

Dr Miriam Thomas Keele practices the principles of her book daily.

The author is a Doctor of Dental Medicine (SSO), Holistic energy therapist, Hypnosis coach, Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor Medical Hypnosis and Hypnosistherapie (HSS), Member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Association of Hypnosis, Hypnosistherapie and Hypnotherapie Switzerland (DHS). Member of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association.

A Guidebook about Healthy Living

Bioenergy Medicine

There are three levels of a human being that make up the whole. These three levels must be altered in order to obtain a complete harmony where Bioenergy flows freely. This way the body will take control for the protection or treatment of itself, depending upon its needs. In this way the body, as a whole, keeps itself healthy by the coordination of all three levels.

Scalar Waves

The only good and proper explanation of how Biotherapy works is that scalar waves are forcing the cells of the body of the person that is receiving treatment to return to a healthy state, reversing the time of the disease.


Nutrition is the common name for an entire science, whose roots are dating back to the Latin word - nutrire - meaning “to nurture”.
In a broader sense it implies consumption of inorganic and organic substances for the purpose of feeding all living beings. With these nutrients, organisms in nature are able to build, renovate and maintain their energy needs. It is one of the conditions where the organisms are kept alive in biological and physiological terms.

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