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Bioenergy Body Balance

This book was created as the result of my knowledge and studies of Holistic medicine for my own needs as well as by working with my patients.

Always having had an insight in the newest scientific studies, I realized that there is an urgent need for necessary and accurate information, and corresponding assistance found in one place. This brought me to a decision to gather the information all into one place and write down everything that one person can do to help to preserve hers or his health. I was led by my own needs, but also very often by the despair that I saw in the eyes of my patients on their yearning for help.

Twenty years ago dealing with my medical profession, I noticed a need to know more, and I started with further training in the fields of holistic medicine. The road was long, and brought me to my intensive involvement and immersion in the area of therapy with clinical medical hypnosis, which I am practicing today together with bioenergy therapy. In this way I am helping my patients and sharing my knowledge of Psychoneuroimmunology with the students of the Holistic Academy. On my way to gather knowledge in holistic medicine, I have come to believe that holistic medicine as well as Psychoneuroimmunology combined with the knowledge of school medicine and holistic medicine fused together in a complementary science, provide the greatest impact and contribution to my patients, family and to me personally.

Dr. Miriam Thomas Keele

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Format: eBook

Author: Dr Miriam Thomas Keele

Genre: Holistic Medicine

Price: $14.95