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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, part showman and part scientist, was a prolific inventor and researcher.  His most valuable accomplishment is the discovery of the rotating magnetic field which is the basis for alternating current machines.  He also invented the Tesla coil which was used widely in radio technology.  At the time of his death, Tesla held over 700 patents.  However, he sold his AC patent to George Westinghouse in 1885.


Known as the father of energy sciences, Tesla was the first to discover the healing properties of bioenergy.  Nikola discovered something known as Tesla waves – faster than light waves of energy – that he used magnify and transmit power wirelessly.  Nikola Tesla was well aware of the healing properties of his discovery, and is interest in uniting science and metaphysics has been documented.   These healing waves are still in use today.


Tesla was born in modern day Croatia to Serbian parents.  In 1884, he relocated to New York City while working for the Continental Edison Company (ConEd).  Tesla soon began working closely with Thomas Edison.  In 1885, Edison said he would pay Tesla $50,000 if the young man could improve the design and efficiency of Edison’s generators and motors.    Tesla delivered, but Edison refused to pay, telling Tesla that it was just a joke.  Tesla promptly resigned and formed his own company – Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing.


Tesla became an American citizen demonstrated the possibility of wireless electric power transmission by wirelessly lighting electric lamps in his laboratories.  He was also one of the first people to experiment with X-rays, capturing the first X-ray image in 1895.  In 1896, Tesla began to experiment with radio wave transmission and built a small radio controlled boat in 1898.  When Guglielmo Marconi made his first radio transmission across the Atlantic, he did so using several of Tesla’s patents.


The New York City laboratory was soon too small for Tesla, and he moved to great expanse of Colorado Springs.  Here, he produced artificial lightning and thunder, proving that the Earth itself was a conductor of electricity.  Prior to leaving his Colorado Springs laboratory in 1900, Tesla observed what he believed to be extraterrestrial radio wave communications from Mars.  His announcement concerning these signals drew widespread criticism.


In later years, Nikola Tesla claimed to be working on a death ray energy weapon for use against infantry and aircraft.  During a luncheon in 1937, he announced that he had actually built and used such a weapon.  He believed this charged particle super weapon to be the key to putting an end to war forever.  With little success, he reached out to the United States Department of War, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia for help in developing his death ray.


Tesla was found dead in his New York apartment on January 7th, 1943.  The cause of death was ruled to be coronary thrombosis.  Even though he made a fortune selling his AC patents and was one of the most prolific inventors in history, he died penniless and in massive debt.